WelCome to F@ITH IN 1

F@ITH IN 1 is a reputed IT services & research company which was established in 2009 with an object to provide back office support and complete non-stop IT services like…..

However, F@ITH IN 1 is new but its quality of product, service to client, management in internal and external are the best of other companies. Because all stuffs of this company are well educated, highly skilled, experienced and honest and trained up.

We believe that small and large companies or firms can take advantages of our outsourcing services to be more competitive and successful in their venture. Our competitive rate and quality will help clients to cut down their operation cost considerably and free them to focus more on their core business.

Thanks and assure best possible services to meet our client’s standard and time schedule with our qualified and devoted team. For any other information, please full free to contact us.

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When it comes to solving business or any other challenges using the world’s most advanced information and communication technology (ICT) products and services, with the skills and experience of some of the world’s best qualified individuals, you get something rather special: F@ITH IN 1. Our purpose is to provide increasingly simple, content-rich and affordable knowledge solutions to Bangladesh and the world

We call our vision “Amplifying the power of Connective Intelligence” which has lead us to becoming an industry leader in our field. In fact, the F@ITH IN 1 is Bangladesh leading black-owned ICT services provider, with over 14 years of operational experience. We pride ourselves on our service delivery, dependability and performance and are renowned for our provision of high quality, high performance solutions.

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Falguni (4th Floor)
23, Shah-Ali Bagh
Pike Para Road
Web Site: www.faithin1.com
E-mail: support@faithin1.com
E-mail: info@faithin1.com